Why Are You Here?

A Word to Consider - Why are we Here?
by Bill NeSmith

     Why are you here?  Have you ever asked yourself that question or has someone close to you sent those words into your ears?  Whether this question is in response to the age old question of purpose and destiny or it has come from someone who didn’t expect to see you, it is an important question, and clarity comes from finding its answer.   We should never simply look at our circumstances to answer this question.

     The answer to such a question is deeper than looking at where we are or how we got there.  In order to properly answer it, you must also ask yourself, 'what has God deposited in me prior to getting here and how do I remain faithful to that now that I am here?'  You see, it is not simply about where you are but what you bring to the table in the current moment. 

     Our fallen nature wishes to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.  We gravitate towards knowing what went wrong or right and this is the way of the Accuser, the way of death.  Simple knowledge will never lead us well because it has no spirit.  It is of this world and it puffs up or can make us self-sufficiently arrogant.  In order to answer God’s questions, we must partake of the fruit of the tree of life that brings wisdom and understanding.  We must listen for the spirit-breathed voice of God as it aligns with His Word and then He will make our paths straight and secure. 

     The Lord has given us great guidance through the life of Elijah.  Some of which I shared in previous writings starting with ‘The Spirit of Elijah – Part 1’ in May 2015.

     You can read the story of Elijah starting in 1 Kings 17:1 where Elijah simply appears on the stage with no great background shared or insights given except for the place he was born being a Tishbite, that he was ‘of the settlers of Gilead’, that he was recognized as a prophet of God, and his name which means ‘My God is Yahweh”.  The root word of Tishbite is ‘Shabah’ meaning “to take captive”, so the simple introduction of Elijah reveals that he had been taken captive by God as a settler of new territories.

     To summarize Elijah’s story again briefly, he had just removed a great stronghold over the nation but after being threatened with death by the evil Queen Jezebel, he ran away and got his eyes off God.  While fleeing, God provided for him in a time of rest and provision so he could reach Mt. Horeb, the Mountain of God.  It is on this mountain that God asked him why he was there.  After regaining his own footing, he was ultimately told to anoint three others, thus multiplying his efforts, to continue God’s plan for his life (1 Kings 19:15-21).   

     In this, Elijah learned a great truth:  When the unexpected comes, it is time to press in and seek the Lord and He is ready to reveal greater things that you have not imagined before.

     God Almighty Himself, the Creator of heaven and earth and all of creation asked Elijah why he was in a cave.  (Do not miss the fact that God prepared him with rest, food and water before making the journey)  Scripture leads us to see that God is omniscient, or all-knowing, so why would God ask Elijah such a question unless it was for Elijah’s further benefit (Proverbs 25:2).  God’s questions always provoke a search for deeper wisdom and understanding in us.  God did not go on to talk about where Elijah was but, simply revealed to him where He was not.

     Regarding the question of why Elijah was in the cave, it is two-fold.  First, it was for the obvious reason of assessing why he was there.  It could have elements of correction in it for God corrects those He loves but the deeper purpose was to provoke Elijah to reassess the very reason for his calling.  For this one, the question could have been restated to, ‘why are you here on the earth, in this place, doing what you are doing, at this time, for this season and for what purpose?’  This is a big question for all of us.

     When God asked Elijah this question, it was for the purpose of resetting, repositioning, and restarting Elijah to continue the work he was called to do.  God never asks us questions to bring death, but always to being light and life to us.  Even if by answering this question we see our fault or weakness, it will bring life because it brings wisdom and understanding and is spirit-breathed.   Because God asked him this question, Elijah was provoked to see things more clearly and to move forward into clearer vision and greater victory. 

     Elijah was a man sent ahead of the other three he anointed in order to break through and pave a way for their work to be successful.  This is God’s model.  Jesus came and paved a way for all who would follow Him.  The Apostle Paul did the same for Timothy, Titus, Barnabas, Mark and for many others through his life and writings.  Those that come first break open, tear down and build up, and set things in order for those that will follow.  While sitting in a Roman jail, I am sure Paul had this same question running through his head: ‘Why are you here?’

     Paul knew it was not just a question about his jail cell, as if maybe he heard God incorrectly about going to Rome (Acts 23:11).  It was a reassuring question as to his purpose and identity. 

     Esther found the answer to this question when she addressed it from a vantage point greater than her surroundings or potential personal loss.  She saw from God’s perspective after assessing all that He had aligned to make her moment happen. (Esther 4:14)

     Why are you here?  Let that question sink deep in your spirit and soul to establish and strengthen you as you draw close to the Lord and move forward towards a new year with Him.  Remember to ask, ‘what has God deposited in me prior to getting here and how do I remain faithful to that, now that I am here?'  This is wisdom, understanding, and life. 


     Harvest Light Ministries and Harvest Light Fellowship in Savannah are grateful this Thanksgiving season, as we have been greatly blessed by the Lord and the wonderful people He has sent our way. 

     Like Elijah, we believe we have seen great victory, torn down strongholds, and broken through obstacles that have stood in the way.  We have seen the Lord’s provision. 

     We have been provoked to seek the Lord and have heard the Lord’s question: ‘Why are you here?’ or ‘what is your purpose here?’  There are many incredible things that the Lord has done in our lives and the lives of others around us.  This year, we have anointed a number of people to join in the ongoing work – great people who are already excelling in their calling and purpose before the Lord. 

     Where we all end up, before this is all over, is currently in the mind of God.  It is exciting to have seen in the spirit what is now taking shape in the natural.


Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


Why are you here?