Resting in Abnormal

A Word to Consider - Resting in Abnormal
by Bill NeSmith

     I trust your new year has started off great after this first week of 2016. During a recent time of prayer, I was impressed again with the idea of rest, surrender, and peace. These words are often so precious to us in our busy lives, and even longed for, yet when we are challenged to embrace them, rather than us purposefully changing our busy lives and heart, our busy lives change and distort us away from their simplicity.

     I want to encourage you to engage with what God is doing and trusting that it is acceptable and permissible to get off the treadmill, stop or slow down some of your 'doing', and surrender to His peace and rest. Two images come to mind that illustrate this. To be honest, the first image comes from a personal place in me (or it may be the result of watching Star Wars again recently).

     While setting here, with eyes closed, I saw myself as if floating out in space near what appeared to be a planet that had been destroyed. Nothing but fragments remained of this planet as I floated in the midst of rubble. My initial thought was to grasp onto and perhaps collect pieces together to form some type of 'normalcy'...that is a key word here - Normalcy. My attempts were to regain or retain things I knew about, felt comfortable with, even though they obviously were not the same any longer.

     I then felt the Lord prompt me to lean back and trust so I floated amongst the rubble and weightlessness. There is a peace in accepting things for what they are and trusting the Lord when you can do nothing about it. Sometimes, things just have to change so that we are forced to explore new, as yet, unsought for alternatives. The ‘normalcies’ of life can sometimes hide our hidden talents, hopes, opportunities, and dreams. When the normal ways that surround us changes, so does our focus and our potential for new opportunities and victories

     It takes faith to marry the Biblical verses that speak of action, stewardship, perseverance, and engagement alongside those about surrender, trust, acceptance, and rest. True faith is based on our trust that we hear God and perceive His direction and leading while confident that He wants to, can, and will do all that is best for you according to His will and might through (because of) Christ Jesus’ victory at the cross and the resurrection for us.

     A second and similar image which is to lean back in the water while floating down a river, trusting in and giving time for the environment to reveal the benefits they bring to the situations that you may 'Normally' find yourself in. It is the journey that shapes us for the destination we aspire to and Earnest Hemingway once said, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” You might as well enjoy the journey because, for Christians, the destination will arrive from God's own hand as the 'author and finisher of your faith'. (see Hebrews 12:2)

     We, and many others, have been praying, seeking, even longing for a 'new thing' while speaking of birthing and breaking free but in facing the loss of our old gravitationally safe planetary comfort (a reference to the first image above), we have difficulty resting into the unknown, if even for just a little while, (reference to the second image above) and being resolved to seeing where the journey or circumstances take us.

     Sometimes, simply getting into a change of pace away from Normalcy will allow us to see and or develop new strengths, insights, and abilities within ourselves previously as yet untapped. In order to hear, you must enter a quietness in your soul to think, process, and gain understanding.

     My point, and I believe the Lord's point, is to feel okay with the now, the present, and see what it develops in you before you step back into 'the way things used to be' or the way they normally are. This does not mean, checking out on life’s responsibilities but it does call for finding a place to hear the Lord’s leading in the midst of life.

     You cannot easily see 'a new thing' while you grapple with attempts to collect and piece together the old.

'But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him'. Hebrews 11:6

     The reward is found in Him and sometimes He is not found in Normal. There will be enough time for you to get back into the swing of stewarding the world He has created you for. For now, just lean back and trust. New things come to those that WAIT with trust, expectancy, and eyes on Him. Mysteries are rarely discovered in the museum, they are more often found in the lab, the wilderness, the new frontier, and the previously unexplored places.


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