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Daniel Speaks Twice

     We have just celebrated Palm Sunday in churches around the world to commemorate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ a week before leading to the most powerful human transaction in history.  Palm Sunday was foretold centuries before in the prophetic writings and revelations of Daniel while captive in ancient Iran.  The Word made flesh (Jesus) came to fulfill that prophetic word that He passed on to Daniel primarily in chapters 9 and 12.

Signs to Behold - Blood Moons

     Last week I shared some thoughts on the Days of Noah and how I see a progression in timing – a timing that runs from 1661 through 1901 into 2021.  Last week, I had already intended to follow it up this week with a look at the Blood Moon phenomenon as I had done an earlier teaching on it back in September 2014.  Then this past weekend I saw that a one night showing of ‘Four Blood Moons’ was released to various theaters across the country on March 23rd.  (This is an interesting t

A Sign to Wonder - Days of Noah

     I want to lay out something for you to consider as a summary of which I will share more on as weeks go by.  Like many people perhaps, I do not confess to completely understand the Scriptures that speak of the end times but one thing I do know is, I will understand them less if I do not look at them regularly.  I must pay attention to what is happening around me and to what Holy Spirit says each day.  Sometimes Holy Spirit leads us on a path and after searching out a matter in scripture do we find confirmation.  Sometimes all we find is that our thinking does not go against His word – a

Being of Sound Mind


     As Christians, we have been called to be a powerful transforming force in the earth.  In Revelation 3:21, the Lord says that all those who overcome will be granted to sit with Him on His throne. This is a throne of authority that comes from His Blood, His Testimony, and His Victory on the cross – delegated to each individual who has been proven to be faithful and able to administer His authority in this world and in the realm to come. 

Getting it Right

     Bob Jones was a dear friend to many around the world.  Before he passed away last February he shared the fact that the Lord left him here on earth ‘until he learned how to love’.  Bob passed away February 14, 2014 – Valentine’s Day.  I think that is a sign he got it right.    God is love and because Bob Jones loved the Lord I take great stock in what Bob said.   To love God’s way will teach us to love others while giving up the demand to feel loved.   In love and freedom with God’s intended diversity and creativity there is a bala

Getting to Well Done

     There are two very well-known verses in scripture that speak of completion or ‘getting to well done’.  The first is John 19:30 where Jesus, while hanging on the cross, said ‘It is finished’.  The next verse is Matthew 25:21 with ‘well done thou good and faithful servant!’  Undoubtedly, all of us wish to hear these words at the end of our lives simply for the pleasure of knowing we pleased our Lord.   However, this verse also mentions a great reward:  ‘You were faithful with a

To Love Eternals

Eternals     Would you like to have more time than you ever thought you would have? More time to get things done?  More time to meet with people and to enjoy life?  Then, I want to share with you some very liberating things that could help you on your journey. 

To Love Values

VALUES     Most, if not all, religions in the world focus on shaping morality or on defining a moral code.  This can easily slip into a legalistic governing of its followers to the point of fear and bondage.   Yes, following Christ is to be conformed, but it is to be conformed to His image and in that conforming we are changed at our very core and only then begin to live a truly free life.

To Love Others

OTHERS      God has told us to love so well as to love even our enemies.   Scripture tells us that loving God’s way will restore what we have lost AND even give a way for our healing to take place.  God even gives us promises to encourage us to do right.

To Love Life

LIFEHow would you like to live a life so rich in spiritual vitality that you make sense to the world around you and become able to fulfill God’s design for yourself and all of mankind?  It is possible!