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Bum Raps and Remnants

     To fully understand the power of Elijah’s ministry and how effective it was in his day, we must look at some key things that took place in his life as God worked to reposition him for victory.  There is always a redeeming force, referred to as ‘the spirit of Elijah’, that is ever-working to reveal God’s gracious hand to mankind. God always has a remnant.  God does not do ‘Plan B’ either, because He never needs it.  You can rest assured that if He has started something with you then He is going to complete it.  God is Love and always redeems, restores, revives, and rebuilds and, best of all, He always has a remnant.

A Shaking for the Making

     We are seeing the beginnings of the greatest shaking the world has ever known from issues related to morality, governance, liberty, and security.  The overall shaking will reveal the fullest expression of righteousness that has ever been seen in the world of man or looked upon by the angelic or demonic worlds.   This period of shaking will also reveal the darkest parts of mankind as unrighteousness fights to be recognized and accepted.  Prophets have longed to see these days.  Mankind, at all levels of society, is being assessed by the stable, justice-minded, yet mercy filled will of the Creator of all things – Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.   In this time of shaking, the real core values of each individual are being developed, exposed, and assessed.

Elijah: Securing the Breach

     One need only read the Biblical account of Elijah found primarily in 1 Kings Chapters 17-19 and 2 Kings 1-2 to learn of Elijah’s greatest victories as well as his darkest challenges.   It is a brief account but speaks of the power and strength of a man and His God to defeat the enemies of Israel , to confront those who promote the worship of false gods and to destroy those that are not gods at all.   In order to gain the greatest insight and value we must understand the process of ‘securing the breach’.   Many can walk through confronting advances towards the enemies of life but unless we address the issues that reside deep within each of us, this breach persists and we all remain vulnerable.

Spirit of Elijah - Part 2

     Last week we saw that the spirit and power of Elijah will bring with it a call of repentance and it will also bring a quickening to the Church to humbly prepare.  We must be ready for a mighty move of God’s Holy Spirit.  That move will bring the revival we all long to see – a revival in the world, within our churches, and in our own hearts.   I believe that before God releases this spirit and power to the Church to quicken the dead in spirit, we will be called to be a part of the greatest realignment in Church History.  We will be called to rebuild old walls, reset old foundations, and restore the house to its original intent of which we are living stones in the House of Our God!

Spirit of Elijah - Part 1

     The Prophet Isaiah, in Isaiah 40:3, mentions that ‘A voice is calling, "Clear the way for the LORD in the wilderness; Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God.’ Who is this voice of one crying in the wilderness, one who has chosen a different life and conveys such a different message from the contemporaries around them?  Who is this that speaks priceless yet costly truth, lives a life that asks of them everything they own, and calls for a change that positions a people and even a nation for their destiny?  The people who God is preparing for such a time as this will change the world but only at great cost to themselves as well as to those who are able to hear the message they bring.  God is preparing His people for a revival that exceeds all others.  This soon coming move of God will be preceded by those who operate in the ‘spirit and power of Elijah’.

Faith Beyond Belief

     Faith is a curious thing.  1 Cor. 13:13 tells us it is a sister to ‘hope’ and ‘love’.  Faith touches what Hope longs for and Love shares.  Faith is physically intangible but when you do not have it you know it.  It is a threshold you have to cross over to get to another side but you know when you are hard pressed back against it and are prompted to abandon and go back over to where you came from.  Faith is not a place though you can dwell there.  Faith is not an object though you can hold it and even tell when it is gone.  Faith cannot easily be described though you can become so familiar with it, it becomes a daily companion.  As the writer of Hebrews puts it in chapter eleven, ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence (or assurance) of things not seen’.

Hope that Remains

     Hopelessness is the belief that there are only a finite number of options and that those options have failed or are failing.   Hope is believing that there are always options and those options are fluid – ever changing because forces are good that control the outcome.  For the Christian, the struggle is and will always be in the heart of the individual to address the known world while remembering God’s heart, promises, and will for them.  For the unbeliever, they have a finite ability to have hope – to a limited extent, it will be found in circumstances, people around them, leaders, money, other assets and resources and their own ability to process what they know against what they desire and fear losing.

     In order to address the value of hope I must, if you will bear with me, present some false obstacles of hope.  Truth that is ignored does not foster hope – it is denial and self-delusion...

A Divine Alignment

     It is time for divine alignment.  God desires to do greater things and the scriptures foretell them.  Many networks and fellowships have been created for valid and powerful reasons with equal results.  However, what is coming to the Body of Christ will exceed anything we have seen so far in human history.  What is coming will require a new paradigm.

The Wall

     One of the greatest challenges in our world today is to maintain one’s individuality without unjustly mandating expectations across the masses.  A core and ongoing American ideal is to value and insure individual freedoms and liberties, all the while seeing freedoms attacked almost daily.  The Church is called to be a light of stability and clarity, an example of balanced resolve, while realizing that God leads the individual, as well as, the Corporate Body in the expansion and manifesting of His Kingdom.

Will I find Faith?

     There are a lot of conversations going on about Biblical signs appearing.  We may see the moon and sun in various and abnormal shapes and appearances but one thing that remains supreme is that God is in control.  Scripture tells us that such and similar signs will be used to herald His soon return1.  Some prophets hear words of doom; some hear words of provision and glorious days ahead.  How can these signs be significant – signs of foreboding in an age of grace?  How do these signs and words align with what we ourselves may hear from the Lord as well as t