Wisdom, Weapons and War

     With regard to Wisdom, the Apostle Paul shares his experience of being a wise master builder.  Jesus Christ was the best builder who ever lived.  Before one starts anything significant, he is advised to consider the cost.  A wise person will move deliberately while ever increasing the necessary components of structural integrity (character), load (r

Wisdom: Be Encouraged and Press In

Many across the Body of Christ are sharing words of encouragement in the face of hard times.  Patricia Kings word Jan. 3rd about 'Remembering the Promises' was spot on.  I am particularly encouraged as the message the Sunday before was 'The Plan, The Promise, and the Power'.  Christians around the globe are being encouraged to have hope among the hopeless, faith among the faithless, to have strength among the weak and shine light into the darkness. The gates of hell will not prevail as we press in.


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