Freedom and Sacrifice

     Many attribute the act of sacrifice as solely the process of doing without things related to comfort, benefit, and convenience.  However, the process of sacrifice has to do more with the inward workings of the soul than the outward needs that one may be called to address.

     Along with ‘servitude’, the word ‘sacrifice’ is another empowering spiritual word that has been perverted and stolen from the human race by our forked-tongue, lying, adversary, the devil.. In order to experience true freedom there must be a healthy understanding of sacrifice found in freedom.

Freedom and Servitude

     No one is ever more free and liberated than when he becomes a servant.  Being a servant does not mean having less but, on the contrary, you are one who has been given access to resources you may not have at your present disposal. The Roman centurion knew this as one in authority and also under authority.

     ‘Servitude’. Oh what a terrible word that has become as it has been spoken from the split-tongued mouth of our adversary, the devil.   The devil, being the one who perverted service into self-worship and self-focus, is the one who has changed the strength of the servant into the bondage to which that name alludes today. He turned attention away from God and onto himself way back as the story of man began and he has been stirring the dust of the human soul to follow his ways rather than God’s, as regarding service, ever since.

Freedom and Leadership

     True freedom starts from the inside and expresses itself outward. Paul the apostle told us in Galatians 5:1 that ‘It was for freedom that Christ has set us free’ (NASB).  We have been set free so that we can live free - free to be led by the Spirit of God.  Contrary to conventional thinking, freedom is not the ability to do what one wants. Freedom is the ability to do what is needed unhindered by our own weaknesses but rather empowered by the grace-giving Spirit of God.

     True spiritual leadership is only developed to the degree that one understands spiritual freedom.   Both will cost you, both will never appear as expected, and neither can be developed alone

Views and Current Events Part 3

     Last week we looked at the two areas surrounding Love and Judgment.  As I continue looking at Views and Current Events, be reminded that it is for the simple purpose of keeping our eyes open as we seek wisdom and not simply walk in blind faith. A solid understanding of Scripture, by reading it for yourself, will help round out all of these view and others. As we better understand the world we will pray more effectively.  Then we can better bind the enemy and loose our Heavenly Father’s will here in our world. 

     As individuals, it is important to know the prevailing views and ways so that you can understand your own assets and limitations as well as your opponent.  This level of understanding will bring victory to you. 

     Having faith (trust) and knowing God, Holy Spirit, and scripture are the only ways to really navigate the days in which we live.  As the Church and the world around it is shaken and taken through assessing times, it is critical that the foundations on which we stand remain secure and understood by all. 

Views and Current Events Part 2

     The prophetic message is so powerful to give insight, comfort, and encouragement.  Many are searching for such words because it is easy to feel as though things are falling apart and they are encouraged to be assured that God is still in control.  The prophetic speaks to our potential and, as is intended, prophetic words lifts us up and can help us move forward.

     Last week we looked at the prodigal son and the week before that was Part 1 of this Word.  The rebellious son’s father had to maintain his hope while his son was in potential harm.  How did he do that?  Perhaps he reminded himself of God’s faithful promise towards his children, perhaps he prayed A LOT, perhaps he sought out a prophetic word to encourage and enlighten, perhaps he stirred his faith in the faithfulness of God – perhaps all that and more.

Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War wrote the following –

America: A Radical Prodigal

     Just as the devil thought he conquered the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary, he will see that at the very moment he thought he had conquered the Church, the Body and Bride of Christ, he will see that we will arise in our intended ‘Christ in us-Glory’ and he will suffer great defeat.  The Church will mirror her Lord’s likeness forever.

The Body Stands Up

     In America and around the world it seems that all energy is being exerted to divide us at every possible point.  Nation is rising against nation, race against race, culture against culture.  People are more lover of self rather than lover of God.   Human division provokes a spiritual unity as God’s army unites and prepares.  This force may be a spiritual one with spiritual heart and weaponry but it is uniting as never before.   

Views and Current Events Part 1

     The Lord uses teachers, ‘watchmen’, prophets, and leaders from across the Body of Christ to bring His will to light.  It can be difficult to understand what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the Churches because apart from the Holy Spirit, we still look through a clouded glass regarding such matters.  Many times this lack of immediate clarity creates a hunger to go deeper, to know God more, and to know the Bible better for ourselves.  This is good!  Knowing God and the Bible are critical to navigating the times we live in.

     Throughout Church history there has been an ever changing expression of ministry as driven by the Spirit of God, by culture, by past experience, and by traditions.  These manners or views in which to serve and worship God have changed and will continue to change as Christians seek to have a living and tangible relationship to the One they worship.

On the Edge

     America, as well as the world, is going to experience the emergence of a strong force in the earth.  There have always been remnants of this mighty people who will settle for nothing less than their own full dedication and obedience to their King as well as freedom for all for whom their King has paid a great price to redeem.  I am not speaking of ISIS or any terrorist group. I am speaking of the Body of Christ that transcends geography, denomination, man-made creed, agenda and even time and space.  It is true that Christians have, at times throughout history, made grave and horrible mistakes and have lost their way, but Christians around the world are again being given grace and challenged to awaken and take a stand to push back evil and to present freedom and light to the world.  This stand must be preceded by humble repentance.

A Builder’s Foundation

     Can you imagine being trained all your life on how to lead nations in strength and battle and ultimately be slated to be the most powerful king on the earth during your lifetime only to have your life change within days and take you on a journey that would transform you and the world forever?   We can have power for the moment and accomplish great things for God and mankind. Many have and many do every day.  But I want to share with you some simple lessons that will transform who you are and how you live your life from this day forward towards victory.

Reclaiming Our Identity

     As we come close to celebrating our Independence Day in America, let us look at our history to gain a reminder of truths that will serve us well to remember.  The world today is swarming with energy in a search for and the presentation of, self-awareness, self-identification, and individuality.   In all areas of life some are going so far as to impose their identity onto others.  It appears that we have become a society so insecure in our own identities that we sue anyone who does not accept our image.  Some have even gone so far as targeting others who would have otherwise left them alone to live their lives as they saw fit.  Perhaps this comes from days in little league when not everyone got trophies simply for being on the team.  As a culture we have learned more of Sigmund Freud’s theory of ‘Id’ rather than the truth of scripture that tells us that our Identification is to be found in Christ alone. 


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