America: A Radical Prodigal


     Just as the devil thought he conquered the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary, he will see that at the very moment he thought he had conquered the Church, the Body and Bride of Christ, he will see that we will arise in our intended ‘Christ in us-Glory’ and he will suffer great defeat.  The Church will mirror her Lord’s likeness forever.


The Body Stands Up

     In America and around the world it seems that all energy is being exerted to divide us at every possible point.  Nation is rising against nation, race against race, culture against culture.  People are more lover of self rather than lover of God.   Human division provokes a spiritual unity as God’s army unites and prepares.  This force may be a spiritual one with spiritual heart and weaponry but it is uniting as never before.   

     A division that brings about a great unity is taking place.  What the enemy has meant for evil, the Lord is turning around for a great and glorious result.  The Church throughout history has gone through divisions of internal conflict, separate and organizational goals, interpretation and cultural differences.  The unity that the New Testament writers spoke of and encouraged us to maintain has been clouded but is being recaptured forever as the Body of Christ unites in areas that will sweep revival around the world like never before.   

     There will be a display of brotherly love to such a vast degree that the world will stop in awe and wonder and be drawn to His presence felt among us.  They will know us by our love for one another not just inside our congregations but across denominational and organizational lines and the Lion will Roar like never before.  The world will forever be transformed and the devil will be dismayed at what he provoked.   

     Congregations and leaders across the Body of Christ are being awakening to this unifying force of Love. Love for one another as walls come down, fears fade away, differences are blurred and similarities are magnified.  Denominational walls that were built to protect our differences are now being removed to secure our brotherhood in Christ.  ‘Love Wins’ is a prophetic message to the Church worldwide as Agape Love prevails!


The Prodigal Leaves

     After spending much time praying about the future of our country and all the turmoil of social unrest and the divisions that appear to abound, I believe we have much reason to be hopeful for America.  This hope comes from the fact that I believe Holy Spirit associated the story of the prodigal to America’s current and future state.  In a March 2015 post entitled, Getting it Right, I shared what I believe Holy Spirit showed me regarding the prodigal.

     America is going through a searching of the soul and for her identity.   America was founded on Biblical principles and promises and our culture today is in revolt as a teenager strives to search for their own identity.  In some ways America is experiencing division at almost every level and at the same time many see that America is simply ‘growing up’.   This transformative time for our Nation can be seen and felt by many but we must remember that God’s plans for America are not over and the best of days are soon coming. 

     America has roots of freedom and unity that will come back to her.  From the quest for freedom and liberty that burned in the hearts of our Pilgrim founders to the unity that steadied President Lincoln’s resolve to secure and maintain the unity while addressing the moral failure of slavery, our nation has the DNA of a rich heritage of seeing truth and moving on it.

     As America, in soul and spirit, leaves the house of her founding she is like a teenager who thinks they have it all figured out.  The time will come when sleeping and eating with the pigs will no longer be acceptable.   America and this current generation will become full and sick of this world’s food and return home – this will result in a last days revival and awakening with a billion souls being changed almost overnight.


The Prodigal Returns

     The father in the story always looked outward with eyes of hope, never chasing after but trusting for the prodigals return.  The father also encouraged the older son to remember the heart of the house.  The heart of house designed by God is a house of restoration and love.  The older son had animosity towards the younger one for various reasons.  The father always looked for the day of the big return – with feast, new sandals and robe, and great rejoicing.

     What is taking place in the houses of God today is a refocus of priority of what is really important.  Churches and denominations of all kinds (Apostolic, Baptist, Methodists, inter-denominational, etc.) are focusing more on what unites them than on what has divided them.  Our differences are celebrated and no longer have an ability to separate us.  Our Love for the Lord and our humbling ourselves before Him is calling us to a oneness that has not been seen before.

     Just when the devil thought the Church was down for the count, God will show up with resurrection power and the world will never be the same again.  When the Lord does what He is going to do, He will need all of our buildings and more.  Look out world, the story of God’s restoration has not yet been fully told. 

It will be a rough transition but it will be a glorious one.